Sustainability Today Produces a Brighter Tomorrow

Throughout our history, one of our core values has been to act responsibly by recycling waste and conserving resources wherever possible. We started this effort more than 100 years ago by taking the waste from cork production and using it as a component in linoleum flooring. Today, sustainability continues as a core focus of our business.?Our Sustainability Steering Committee provides governance and sets business direction regarding material sustainability issues. This committee which meets at least quarterly is composed of senior leadership and championed by our CEO.

  • Sustainable Operations

    We’re working to reduce waste and our consumption of energy and water.

  • Safety

    Safety is one of our core values, and we work to keep it top-of-mind each day.

  • Recognition

    Our commitment to sustainability has been recognized with multiple awards.

  • Sustainable Products

    We produce innovative and eco-friendly products, such as BioBased Tile? made from rapidly renewable materials.

  • Recycling Programs

    Armstrong Flooring provides closed-loop recycling for flooring products.

  • Community

    Responsible citizenship in the communities we serve.